Woo! Woo! Buy Your Pet Collar Whistle Tips!

 New Collars Coming Soon

Got a bird? A lizard? A fairly large rodent? Then just wait till April! We’ve designed special Pet Collar Whistle Tips for your unique companion animal. They’re at our manufacturing plant in Fremont right now and we’re super excited to roll them out next month. 

Finally, your iguana can enjoy the melodious sound of our trademark whistle.

If you’ve got a pet, your pet's got a collar. Why not give that collar some personality with a Pet Collar Whistle Tip?! Dogs love the sound! Cats love the look! Owners love the price!

Online Shop Coming Soon

We’re in the process of getting our online store up and running. But in the meantime, please visit our West Oakland storefront and pick yours up today! We have all the most popular styles of pet collar whistle tips, including The Growler, The Squealer, and The Siren!

We Were Featured on the News!

The Pet Collar Whistle Tips craze has been sweeping the Bay Area since last year and the media is finally taking notice. Check out the video to the left to hear our story.

Another happy customer!

Want a Free Pet Collar Whistle Tip?

While we're waiting for our online store to get up and running, we want to see your pets! Send us your pet's glamor shot and our five favorites will get a pair of two pet collar whistle tips absolutely free! Just look at the adorable pet pictures we've gotten so far! And yes! We're making collars for fish! Your fish will never run away again!

We'll keep updating these with our favorite submissions. So send 'em in! 


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